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Renowned serial killer expert, producer, creator and host of the hit Investigation Discovery series DARK MINDS,  acclaimed investigative journalist M. William Phelps is the national bestselling, award-winning author of 24 books. Winner of 2008 New England Book Festival Award for “I’ll Be Watching You,” Phelps has made well over 100 television appearances, including CBS’s “Early Show,” “The Today Show,” “The View,” “Fox & Friends,” truTV, Discovery Channel, Fox News Channel, ABC’s “Good Morning America,” TLC, Biography Channel, History Channel, Oxygen, OWN, and many others. He’s been on USA Radio Network, Catholic Radio, Mancow, Wall Street Journal Radio, Zac Daniel, Ava Maria Radio, Catholic Channel, EWTN Radio, ABC News Radio, and Radio America, who calls him “the nation’s leading authority on the mind of the female murderer.” He’s written for numerous publications—including the Providence Journal and Hartford Courant—and consulted on the first season of the hit Showtime cable television series “Dexter.”

Check out Phelps’s recent cover story for Connecticut Magazine, “Blonde, Blue-eyed and Gone,” based on his investigative work behind an episode of DARK MINDS under the same title.

Here you can see Phelps discussing that same article and the case with a victim’s family member.

Also look for Phelps (celebrating ten years with the show in 2013!) as a frequent expert commentator on Investigation Discovery’s Deadly Women.

Dark Minds

The concept for DARK MINDS (Wednesday nights at 9:00PM on Investigation Discovery) is very unique. Phelps engages the services of preeminent serial killer profiler John Kelly (Fellow of the American Board of Forensic Examiners and president of S.T.A.L.K., Inc.), and one very special guest each week: a bona fide serial killer behind bars. In this series, Phelps hopes to shed new light on unsolved, cold serial killer cases. With the help of Kelly and an incarcerated serial killer, known to audiences as "Raven", he aims to uncover the truth behind the mind of the monster, track down new leads and expose new information about cases thought to be unsolvable.

Read the official press release from ID. See DARK MINDS video here.

The year 2014 brings several new titles and re-releases to press from Phelps, along with the third season of DARK MINDS.

Just published, BAD GIRLS focuses on the murder of Robert Dow in Mineral Wells, Texas. This book is a first for Phelps in that he argues for the innocence of a convicted murderer. It is the true story of Bobbi Jo Smith and Jennifer Lynn Jones, a pair of sexy teen lesbians convicted of murdering the man they lived with—a man who was also providing the girls with drugs and alcohol before making raunchy, extremely explicit amateur porn films.

In March 2014, OBSESSED will chronicle the story of Sheila Davalloo, who, in February 2012, as a 42-year-old pharmaceutical researcher from Pleasantville, N.Y., was found guilty of murder in the death of Anne Lisa Raymundo.

2014 also brings to press Phelps’s comprehensive book about vicious serial killer Danny Hembree. Hembree, who was sentenced to death for the 2009 killing of 17-year-old Heather Catterton, entered a plea of guilty to second-degree murder in the death of Randi Saldana. Some believe he also murdered 30-year-old Deborah Ratchford in 1992, but that charge was dismissed. Phelps promises exclusive information about Hembree, this case, and Hembree’s lifetime of crimes, including additional murders!

Currently, Phelps is researching the Clara Schwartz case. 20-year-old Clara, a former college student allegedly “obsessed with vampires, assassins and magic,” was sentenced to 48 years for convincing a boy she knew, Kyle Hulbert, to murder her father. Here is a good link to the bare facts of the case. Phelps has several of the major players on board, lined up for interviews. If you have any information about this case, please contact Phelps immediately.

To link up with Phelps’s author page at Kensington Books, go here.

For those interested in contacting Phelps about a speaking engagement, television appearance, or maybe you just have a query, don't hesitate to email him directly or call his Connecticut office and leave a brief message: 860.870.7247

For film rights inquiries or any branding or television/film business, please contact Phelps' entertainment manager/attorney, Matthew Valentinas through his website, phone: 857.636.0875 or email.

Phelps asks that if you’ve survived the wrath of a serial killer or murder attempt on your life, please email him. He is interested in speaking with crime victim survivors for a future project.

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