Career Update

Exciting things happening this coming year, 2016, and into 2017.

First up is the Hiccup Girl book, ONE BREATH AWAY, scheduled for February 23, 2016 release. I’m so proud of his book. I wanted to take a look at the celebrity-driven culture we live in and what it does to the human spirit when a child is plucked out of her life and thrust into the media spotlight, used (and truly abused) by a troll-driven internet culture of uncaring vultures.

Not saying Jennifer Mee is innocent of all crimes, mind you. But I wanted to explore how her life turned into such downward spiral of darkness and negativity and serious crime. I was able to do that and much more, exposing many exclusive aspects of this case and Jennifer’s life never reported. 

On Sale Everywhere Feb. 23, 2016
On Sale Everywhere Feb. 23, 2016


I have been working on a project for nearly five years that I am going to be announcing soon. It involves my work on “Dark Minds,” my sister-in-law’s murder, and a host of other personal issues, all of which are connected to my true-crime work. Don’t mean to be cryptic about it here, but I need to button up a few details before the big announcement.

Thank you, all of my readers and TV viewers and social media fans, for an inspiring and fantastic 2015. I am so grateful for all of you. I mean this. You are my true inspiration to continue doing what I do.

Sincerely, MWP, January 9, 2016

PS: Please don’t forget about your local foodbanks–they need your donations: canned goods, pasta, money, whatever you can give. Post holiday, when everyone (understandably) slips from being in the giving mode, is when foodbank donations tank hard. Thanks for helping.

No, I haven't taken up rapping ...
No, I haven’t started rapping …


Check out this cover for a book coming in late 2016!

IF YOU ONLY KNEW - Fall 2016
IF YOU ONLY KNEW – Fall 2016


And this re-issue of LETHAL GUARDIAN, coming spring 2016.

Lethal Guardian (2)

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