Deadly Secrets


4.Deadly Secrets

In the postcard-pretty town of Pleasant Valley, New York, Susan Fassett left choir practice at her church–and was gunned down in the parking lot. An entire town reeled in shock. Susan was a beloved wife and friend without a known enemy. Only two people knew the disturbing truth–Susan had been living a double life. Behind the picture-perfect facade of small-town America lay a hidden world of sado-masochism, lesbian affairs, betrayal, and adultery. In this updated true-crime classic, M. William Phelps brings new dimension to a shocking real-life drama of secrets, lies, and murder.


“Phelps is a true-crime veteran.”–New York Post

“Anything by Phelps is always an eye-opening experience.” –Suspense Magazine

“Phelps dares to tread where few others will: into the mind of a killer.” –TV Rage


With 16 Pages Of Photos – And The Killer’s Shocking Confession

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